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Headlines - Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Bo and Hope wins Top Couple Honor!
Bo and Hope (DOOL) acquires the Top Couple's crown as the best couple on daytime today! In addition, they were voted as one the most loved current couples with a 64% overall "like percentage"! Meanwhile, Ronn Moss (B&B) claimed the top spot for best male actor while Laura Wright (GH) snatched the spot for best female actress on daytime today. The best-looking actor on daytime today is Jacob Young (B&B) with a rating of 7.16 and the best-looking actress for today is Rebecca Herbst (GH) with a rating of 7.27! At any rate, the At any rate, the soap that you have voted the best for Tuesday, April 22, 2014 is Young and the Restless with a rating of 5.32!Thanks soap fans for doing such a great job of voting for your favorites!

Most Wanted Couple - Lucas and Sami (DOOL) with 5.57 rating!

The most enthusiastic fan site or message board for today is Ejami Forum which is an EJ and Sami (DOOL) fan forum! Congratulations to the webmasters and to all the members on that board!

Who's your favorite couple on daytime? Monday's winner: EJ and Sami (DOOL) with 15,931 (22%) bumps! Great job bumping to all their fans!

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More couples will be added soon!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Voting Stats! 19.6
Top 5 Couples on Daytime (Current)
Bo and Hope (DOOL) 64%m 5.62
Dante and LuLu (GH) 54%m 5.40
EJ and Nicole (DOOL) 53%m 5.38
Michael & Lauren (Y&R) 58%m 5.37
Jax and Carly (GH) 54%m 5.35

Top 5 Most Wanted Couples!
Lucas and Sami (DOOL) 56%m 5.57
Adam and Sharon (Y&R) 52%m 5.56
EJ and Sami (DOOL) 59%m 5.51
Spinelli and Maxie (GH) 55%m 5.45
Nick and Phyllis (Y&R) 57%m 5.45

Top 5 Male Actors
Ronn Moss (B&B) 54%m 6.24
Peter Bergman (Y&R) 56%m 6.24
Christian LeBlanc (Y&R) 59%m 6.20
Maurice Benard (GH) 60%m 6.18
Michael Easton (GH) 53%m 6.15

Top 5 Female Actresses
Laura Wright (GH) 56%m 6.30
Katherine Lang (B&B) 54%m 6.29
Sharon Case (Y&R) 54%m 6.20
Michelle Stafford (Y&R) 59%m 6.17
Kristian Alfonso (DOOL) 52%m 6.14

Top 5 Couples (All-Time)
John and Marlena (DOOL) 65%m 6.93
Victor and Nikki (Y&R) 65%m 6.93
Luke and Laura (GH) 64%m 6.70
Steve and Kayla (DOOL) 65%m 6.59
Sonny and Brenda (GH) 59%m 6.48

Top 5 Most Popular Soaps
Young and the Restless 58%m 5.32
Bold and the Beautiful 51%m 5.21
General Hospital 51%m 5.17
Days of Our Lives 52%m 5.10

Top 5 Best-Looking Males
Jacob Young (B&B) m 7.16
Joshua Morrow (Y&R) m 7.14
Brandon Barash (GH) m 7.13
Brandon Beemer (B&B) m 7.09
James Scott (DOOL) m 7.07

Top 5 Best-Looking Females
Rebecca Herbst (GH) 7.27
Jacqueline Wood (B&B) 7.27
Kimberly Matula (B&B) 7.25
Kelly Monaco (GH) 7.18
Eileen Davidson (Y&R) 7.03